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Types and applications of Buttweld Fittings

AMI Buttweld fittings are made of high quality materials through earthing and precision process, conform to ANSI B16.9, ASTM A234,WPB Standards,JIS 2311 and DIN 2605.

AMI Buttweld fittings have all specification from 1/8”to 36″

Concentric and Eccentric Reducers, Equal and Reducing Tees,45° and 90° EIbows,ButtweId Caps and StubEnds, are all part of the comprehensive range of Buttweid fittings carried by AMI Sdn Bhd

All our Buttweld fittings conform to relevant material and dimensional specifications and can be supplied complete with material certificates.

A pipe fitting is defined as a part used in a piping system, to change direction or function, which is mechanically joined to the system.

A piping system using Buttweld fittings has many inherent advantages over other forms. ‘*’ Welding a fitting to the pipe means it is permanently leakproof.
e   The continuous metal structure formed between pipe and fittings adds strength to the system.
The smooth inner surface and gradual directional changes reduce pressure losses and turbulence and minimize the action of corrosion and erosion.
¥ A welded system utilizes a minimum of space.

+    AMI Buttweld fittings are manufactured, as a rule, in accordance with ASME standards B16.9 and B16.28 for dimensions, shapes, and tolerances.
+   AMI Buttweld fittings are machined in accordance with ASME B16.25 standards for welding and preparation.
+   Manufacturing methods, quality and so on are based upon ASTM A234, A403, and A420 specifications.
e   Buttweld fittings conforming to dimensions and dimensional tolerances specified in MSS 5Pe3 can be manufactured on the application.
+   Buttweld fittings conforming to MSS SP-43 can be manufactured on the application.
+   AMI has standardized dimensions and dimensional tolerances for Buttweld fittings of 50 inches and larger as no internationally recognized standards exist.

B16.9          Wrought Steel Buttweld fittings
B16.28        Wrought Steel Buttweld Short Radius and Returns

B16.25    Buttweld Ends
B16.11        Forged Fittings, Socket-Welding, and Threaded

B36.10        Welded and Seamless Wrought Steel Pipe

B36.19  Stainless Steel Pipe

A234          Piping Fittings of Wrought Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel for Moderate and High Temperatures Service

SP 43         Wrought Stainless Steel 8uttweld Fittings
SP-7S          High Test Wrought Buttweld Fittings

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